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District Mot Kids

I recently had the pleasure of shooting the District Môt Kids  lookbook, and I’m so excited to share this beautiful new line with you! This shoot was one of those dream experiences from start to finish. We shot in the stunning Light Lab studio, and  I got to work with my sweet friend and amazing talent, Art Director Elizabeth Antonia , it was a wonderful collaboration in which we all worked together to help this gorgeous new brand come to life.  I had so much fun photographing all the cute babes, and also some gorgeous mamas (thank you Bonnie, Andrea,  and Melissa)!  I feel so grateful to be surrounded by, and to have the chance to work with, so many amazing creative women!

I’m in love with every piece from this collection, and I’m trying to talk them into going up to size 4T so that I can grab some stuff for Kira.  Until then, I will have to settle for shopping for friends. Bellow you can see some of my favorite looks from our shoot, and here’s their site to get your shopping on!

Congratulations District Mot Kids!  XOXO

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