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Momma Bear Magazine with Christina Soletti

“I am a feminist and for me that means freedom.  Free to be a stay-at-home mom, free to be career focused, free to marry who you want, free from judgement.” -Christina Soletti

I had the great honor of photographing my dear friend Christina Soletti  and her family for the exquisite print publication Momma Bear Magazine.  We spent an afternoon adventuring in their backyard that is the amazing Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.

I’ve been inspired by Christina from the moment I met her.  I’ve had the good fortune of working with her on many projects, and she is just one of those incredibly special souls.  Her warmth and intelligence immediately put those around her at ease.  She operates in the world from a place of compassion, wisdom, truth, and is endlessly supportive of women and mothers.  A natural leader who builds those around her up,  she works tirelessly to support so many significant causes.  And then she pours all of this goodness into consciously parenting her amazing little girl, Beatrice with her partner Patty Schemel .

These two beautiful mothers are creating a childhood of magic for their daughter, and it is a wonder to behold.  Christina describes her parenting style as “rooted in love, connection, and empathetic communication”.  I couldn’t agree more.  Here are some of the moments I captured adventuring with this beautiful family in their neighborhood.  What a special afternoon.  And what a treat to see some of these shots in print, along with an amazing interview, and so many other beautiful photos and stories in Momma Bear Magazine.

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