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Happy Seventh Birthday Orion!

How could it possibly have been SEVEN years already?  Time flies when your days are filled with love I suppose…

Happiest Birthday to the one who made me a Mama — to my beautiful boy.  As I watch you grow into yourself, I am struck most by your brilliant and inquisitive mind — always searching for answers to significant questions (ones to which I often find myself struggling to find the right answers), and your gentle kind heart.

I know this is going to be a big year.  It seems like seven is an age where the protective shield of parenthood holds less power than the outside world to a certain extent. Our bubble that we once inhabited is no longer where we spend most of our days, and my mama heart is breaking ever so slightly at the expansion that is growing up.  The long days spent just the two of us without the pressures of the real world have faded from memory ever so slightly.  Although the memory is perhaps softened, I hold the essence of every single moment spent with you in my spirit.  We are intertwined forever on this incredible journey of life, and as I let you go a little more, I want to remind you to trust your unwavering moral compass.  Because if you look inward it will always guide you to the truth.  Be kind, work hard, and always follow your dreams.

Happy seventh birthday to my star child.  Happy seventh birthday to my Orion…

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