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Some Recent Highlights

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!  I plan on snuggling my little ones, making some chocolatey treats, and hopefully catching up on some sleep — it’s been a long week with a sick babe over here…

I wanted to start sharing more of my shoots this year — I thought I’d begin by posting a few recent images from some of my shoots around the 2015 holiday season.  After I’m finished editing a shoot, I often find myself wanting to share more than just a few images; I want to share the whole vibe and experience, and more of the beautiful people I get to work with, so I thought I’d start blogging some of my shoots here. I’ve had a personal blog for a few years, though I’ve had a hard time being consistent with it since I started working more.  My plan is to keep that as more of an online journal, and for this space to be where I share my work.

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have so many amazing and beautiful human beings in my life who trust me to tell a little piece of their story.  I’m forever inspired by the people I get to work with, and grateful to experience, and capture a glimpse of that beautiful light that shines from within each one of us.